Looking at tomorrow

Tough loss today, but the Twins are still in first place (albeit in a 3-way tie) in the AL Central. Tomorrow's game looks promising because the Twins are hitting a collective .317/.349/.466 of Chicago's projected starter, Mark Buehrle. Some notable performers against Buehrle:

Michael Cuddyer (69 AB) .304/.333/.493
Justin Morneau (38 AB) .237/.279 /.421
Nick Punto (33 AB) .303/.294/.394
Mike Redmond (28 AB) .500/.483/.571
Delmon Young (18 AB) .389/.421/.611
Brendan Harris (16 AB) .313/.389 /.375
Alexi Casilla (13 AB) .231/.333/.231
Carlos Gomez (11 AB) .545/.545/1.091
Denard Span (6 AB) .333/.429/.833
Jason Kubel (3 AB) .000/.250/.000

Based on this, I expect Redmond to start at catcher, Gomez and Span to be on the field as one of Cuddyer and Young, while the other is the DH, with Kubel sitting. I suspect that Crede will start at 3B, but I will not be surprised if Harris takes his spot.

The numbers match up looks really good for the Twins.

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