A bit of an update

The day almost passed and there were news about any roster moves for the Twins, so that Ayala can start being integrated with the team. As is he can run around the field and practice with the Twins (like Corey Koskie is doing) but cannot participate in team drills and team activities (the latter at this point of the Spring training are zero.) This delay is screaming to me that there is a trade brewing some place. Stay Put.

On other division news, after La Velle Neall III broke the possibility that the league and the union might agree to a sign-and-deal for type A free agents, there is more than a word from both Chicago and Kansas City that Orlando Hudson might end up with one of the Twins' division rivals.

Not sure what to think about Boof's and Mauer's injuries, but they seem more worrisome than previously thought.

The Crede situation is still brewing.

Liriano, will not pitch for the Dominican Republic in the WBC.

I will update as news come in, but so far this is soaking sun time for the Twins...


Marv said...

1. Apparently Mauer's recovery is more of a big deal than they've been playing it. Don't know whether to believe that he'll be ready by opening day. This club is about as forthcoming as the Bush administration.
Bonser - very disappointing. I was hoping for a big year from Boof. Not a good start.
2. I too was hoping to hear about a big trade. Hope to be wrong, but I suspect we are going to see more of nothing. Now I think having Butera on the 40-man roster & having to drop Korecky if they sign Crede was just due to bad planning.
3. I agree that if I was Alexander Soto I would feel unappreciated. People are insisting it is 'no big deal', but I bet Soto doesn't see it that way.

thrylos98 said...

Well, the news are in today. I just don't think that they will stay put this spring. I expect more...

It's funny that Gardy can do not wrong for some people even though he committed blatant nepotism ...