Gardy, Gardy, Gardy...

The latest from the manager of the millennium from the North Dakota Forum (you need to register for access), talking about his outfield:

“Those three guys (Gomez, Span and Cuddyer) need to play every day,” said Gardenhire, in Fargo to speak at an agricultural trade show. “Delmon is in the mix. He’s a hell of a player, a hell of a talent. But to me, those three guys should be your outfield and then you go from there.”

Why is that inane?

1. You should never make negative public statements about your players (and Gardy has been guilty of that many times). Did he really need to talk about his outfield in an "agricultural trade show"?

2. You should never say who is going to be your starting outfielder in December, before Spring training, before the roster is set. This smells prejudice and it is stupid not to only count but name your eggs before they hatch

3. Young outplayed both Gomez and Cuddyer last year a fact that Gardy either does not realize (which means he does not have baseball sense) or ignores (which means he is prejudiced).

Any way you cut it, it’s bad, but at least it happened in a proper forum (a bull trading show)

Gardy has already burned enough bridges with players arranging from superstar level (Ortiz) to serviceable+ major leaguers (Romero, Lohse) to budding stars (Garza, Liriano) with his bullheaded judgmental closedmindedness. And this organization rewarded him with a non-deserved extension. If he messes up with Young, it should be the last straw…


Anonymous said...

a lot of coaches speak out about what he wants for next season, and about what players he wants, it's not just gardy. lou piniella just spoke out against getting jake peavy the other day. so you can't really criticize gardy.

gomez outplayed delmon in the outfield so badly last year it's not even funny, and gardy values defense a lot higher than many. cuddyer, when healthy, is a better option hitting behind morneau than young, and you know that.

Anonymous said...

and also, about your "non-deserved extension" remark. taking THAT team he had last year to the brink of the playoffs should warrant a few bow downs, not to mention what he has accomplished with the rosters he had the last few years. gardy is better than a lot of managers and i have a hard time seeing you as a better manager, considering, well you're not one.

thrylos98 said...

I am not really sure that Cuddyer is a better option than Young for any lineup.

That said, I think that Gomez should be the starting CF (he should have won a gold glove btw), Span should probably be the starting LF and Young the starting RF.

Young played the second half last year hurt. Cuddyer did not bother to play through pain, he opted for the DL. Cuddyer does not even consider shifting to 3B to help the team, he is considering himself too much a diva for that. Methinks that Cuddy has a worse attitude than Young at this point.

About Gardy's performance last year; please read the rest of this blog, it will sum up how I am feeling about him... In summary: he lost the season for the Twins. A lot of us predicted (using logical analysis and not "expert opinions" or "gut feelings") that this team would be good for about 89 wins. Well, Gardy messed that up in several ways...