Contests, contests!, contests! and December contest

Here is the deal:

I am planning of having a contest a month in this space on which the winner will get some nice Twins-related goodies:

  • For each of the off-season contests (December, January, February and March), the winner will get a copy of one of the best minor league publications for the Twins
    Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook - 2009
    , by Seth Stohs of SethSpeaks.net a major authority in the Twins' blogosphere, personally autographed by Seth himself.

  • For the in-season contests, I will give away goodies (balls and cards, mainly) autographed by current and past Twins players

  • I will have a big contest that will run all season long dealing with predicting the outcome of the season and the winner will receive a package of autographed goodies, including a ball autographed by a Hall of Famer

Here is how it works:

  • Every month I will post a challenge question

  • The contest will end the last day of the month

  • The first person that gives the correct answer to the challenge question in the comments space here (click the pencil at the bottom of the post), will be the winner

  • Only one answer per person, and "anonymous" users cannot win, just to keep the one answer integrity; so think

Without further ado here is the challenge question for December:

Predict the moves that the Twins' front office will make by the end of December

Scoring and rules:

  • 3 points for each correct major league move

  • 1 point for each minor league move and roster addition or subtraction

  • All players in the moves need to be identified correctly to receive points (e.r. "the Twins will acquire a relief pitcher", will receive no points)

  • Dollar amounts of contracts are not necessary

  • If no moves are made the first person that says "no moves" wins (but this is highly unlikely because the arbitration deadline is today, so don't do it :) )

  • Please do not include moves made before this post (e.g. Punto re-signing) or post a move that was made after this post but before your comment. They will not count

  • Have fun and bring a friend or two :)


Twins Territory said...

The Twins will sign Ty Wigginton to play third base in 2009.

Josh's Thoughts said...

No Moves

Twins Fan c.1981 said...

The Twins will trade for Mark DeRosa.

Marv said...

The Cubs seem anxious to keep DeRosa. As the Astros were not going to tender a contract to Wiggy anyway, you'd think that they were probably asking very little for someone to trade for his rights. The Twins did not act then and I do not expect them to act now.