A few observations

  1. This year's AL average OPS is .709, in 2007 the average OPS was .777, in 2006 it was .761, in 2005 it was .759 and in 2004 it was .763. This is a significant drop from past years. Steroids? Amphetamines? Different balls? Who knows...

  2. The Twins have a chance in the Division title and this should not come as a surprise, since as noted here in March, I expected the Twins to win the division and Detroit to be really bad. However, I did not expected the White Sox' surge or the Indians' drop

  3. The Twins are somewhat clicking. Gomez has exceeded expectations and getting better by the minute, Monreau and Mauer are where they should be, Young and Lamb are getting out of their funks, Casilla is getting new life (he is just 23). However, Kubel, Harris and Monroe have been all or none and Cuddyer has been closer to none than all...

  4. Nobody would have thought that Perkins and Blackburn would be the most reliable starters by now... Good news about Baker in his rehab. This can be a pretty good rotation. Boof should probably be in the pen or the trading block.

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