Option situation of the Twins Spring Training Players

Here is the option situation of the Twins' Spring Training players:

40-man roster:

Adrianza, Castro, Cron, Cruz, Gonzalez, Kepler, Magill, Parker, Perez, Pineda, Polanco, A. Reed
Austin, Berrios, Gibson, Mejia, M. Reed, Rosario
Buxton, Duffey, Garver, Odorizzi, Romero, Rogers, Sano, Schoop, Stewart, Thorpe, Vasquez
Arraez, Astudillo, Cave, Gordon, Gonsalves, Hildenberger, Littell, Moya, Stewart, Thorpe, Vasquez, Wade

Non-roster invitees:

All non-roster invitees who were signed as Minor League free agents are out of options other than Dario Alvarez (1), and Zack Weiss (3.)  So if they make the roster sometime during the season, they will need to go through the waiver process to go to the minors.


Unknown said...

What is your source? A lot of these do not match up to what I know to be true.

thrylos98 said...

Spotrac. They are really good:


Unknown said...

I think perhaps they have not updated recently, because all of the option data is a year old. For instance, Zack Littell was optioned for the first time LAST year, so he should have used up one of his 3.Although Kohl Stewart wasn't added to the 40 man roster until last August when he was brought up and has never been optioned, at least not until yesterday. Tyler Duffey has been optioned in at least 2016 and 2018, so can not have more than 1 left. Just a few examples.

thrylos98 said...

If you were recalled in the majors without being sent down during a particular season, you do not use an option. Stewart (and Gonsalves and Astrudillo) was never optioned, since he was not sent down after was called up. Spring Training does not count either.